Ascending to new realm :

Realising who I am, was, and who I ought to be.

It’s been almost 9 months I’ve been at home — cut of from the world, literally in the physical sense ofcourse. But this hasn’t stopped me from connecting to new realms of human connections and spirituality. By spirituality I don’t really mean sitting and praying or meditating but being present in the moment, understanding who I am, was and who I ought to be.

I have connected with different kinds of people in this phase too. Young minds, brilliant thinkers, simple souls, talented creative people and so on. Every new connection has taught me something. Every new connection has changed my perspective by a degree or two. Perception of who I am, was or who I ought to be.

The turning point of this phase was my connection with where my heart lies — in creating something every now and then. Spending time in nurturing the art of sketching, illustration and writing has given me immense peace, strength and happiness. It has brought about changes in mysterious ways. Changes that have the ability to know I cant change who I was, but mold who I am, and who I ought to be.

Learning, I believe, never stops. And this phase has given me a chance to learn many a things : my strengths, weaknesses , my ability to be bold, and vulnerable too, my ability to be strong and yet be kind and gentle, my ability to have gratitude towards what I learn and from whom I learn. I’ve learnt from people and from experiences past and present. And I’ve learnt that I can only keep learning as long as that can be.

So as I bid adieu to this eventful year of knowledge, connections, and experiences, I express my gratitude to be able to know who I really am, was and who I ought to be!



Siddharth Ganguly, Co-Founder, Uriel Design

A graphic designer by profession and by choice, a sketcher and painter and writer by hobby. Things that keep my grey cells running and my mind at peace.